Laying the Foundation for Success

  • Meet with client and discuss the position in detail. This includes learning about the unique dimensions/characteristics of the role and the company to ensure that the selected candidate will be the right 'fit' in every sense.
  • A position summary will be drawn up by Cornerstone Search Solutions and all stakeholders will sign off to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Establish a time line for presentation of short-listed candidates (weekly updates on the progress of the search will be provided).

Candidate Sourcing

  • Recruiting calls to target companies
  • Referrals from an extensive network
  • Web 2.0 sources
  • Resumes from database
  • Posting to websites as required

Candidate Screening

  • Review of resumes
  • Initial phone screen of selected candidates
  • In-depth interview of most highly qualified candidates
  • Presentation of short list (typically 3-4 candidates) to client

Client Interviews and Interview Follow-up

  • Candidates will be thoroughly briefed and prepared for the interview (thanks to the in-depth information gained in the initial meeting with the client). The client can be confident that the people they interview have a thorough and realistic understanding of the role and a high level of interest based on that knowledge. Candidates will also have been qualified on all the critical issues (e.g. compensation, prospects for career growth, location, travel etc.).
  • Candidates will be debriefed after each interview to confirm level of interest and uncover any issues that could turn into stumbling blocks. Client will be given a verbal report after each debriefing. Only candidates who continue to have a high level of interest will move forward unless the client insists otherwise.

Psychometric Assessment (optional)

  • At the client's discretion, a psychometric evaluation can be arranged for the top one or two candidates.

Reference and Credential Checking

  • Before an offer is presented, Cornerstone Search Solutions will complete thorough reference checks with previous employers. University degrees and professional designations will be confirmed.

Offer Presentation

  • Cornerstone Search Solutions will present the offer. Thanks to in-depth qualifying of candidates on all relevant issues (beginning with the initial phone interview and then via periodic verification that things haven't changed) this step of the process will almost always go smoothly.
  • Once the offer has been accepted, the candidate will be coached on dealing with their resignation and the potential of a counteroffer.


  • Follow up with the candidate will take place after the resignation to ensure everything is continuing according to plan.
  • Follow up with the candidate will take place 30 days after their start date and then again after 90 days to make sure they are settling in well.

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